Panta Rhei Studio Abraham Maldonado arquitect

Welcome to Panta Rhei Studio

We are an interior design studio located in the city of Wrocław in Poland and we offer our services outside and inside the whole country. He has almost 8 years of experience in the world of interior design and decoration.

What our clients say


"Many unconventional ideas, opening eyes to new possibilities of using the interior and even amazing ability to convince to your ideas. Here is Abraham in a nutshell. We have already used his services several times and recommended it to many friends. Abraham the Great 😉"

Małgorzata & Mariusz Barański

"Abraham is highly committed to the project. He devotes a lot of time to cooperation with the client to best adjust the project to the needs and tastes of the recipient. It has a high sense of aesthetics."

Aneta i Paweł Kaczmarek

"The collaboration with Abraham was very fruitful. From the beginning, it was strongly customer-oriented. He was able to create a concept that not only looks beautiful, but is also functional, and above all, we feel at home in a tropical country (just like we dreamed;)). Abraham's projects are always ambitious and delight our friends. He is a very kind person who is committed to his work."

Monika Strózik & Juan Carlos Valencia