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“At Panta Rhei Studio we dream, invent and create”

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We are an interior design studio located in the city of Breslau in Poland and we offer our services outside and inside the whole country. We have almost 8 years of experience in the world of interior design.

We are passionate about creating, planning, innovating and developing cutting-edge projects; from its conceptualization and realization, to execution. We approach each project according to the needs of each client, adapting the spaces, respecting their own style, taking into account the details according to your vision.

Customizing each element that we design, during a meticulous creative process, to obtain a satisfactory final result that allows our clients to feel a great experience of the interior space; as well as perceive the sensations generated by a pleasant environment.


I graduated from the Bachelor of Architecture in Mexico in 2014.

During my studies I had the opportunity to study abroad to expand my knowledge, which gave me a lot of personal and professional experience.

I studied in Spain, the United States, England and Poland. I had the opportunity to do professional practices in Washington DC, United States. at the Architecture for Humanity DC Chapter, where I participated in the development of a Living Building Challenge project for the Alice Ferguson Foundation, a Maryland non-profit organization focused on the environment.

All my life I have been a great lover of architecture, but I was always passionate about Interior Design, art, photography, details and others… since destiny had brought me to Poland, at the end of my professional internship, it was So I decided to continue my professional preparation, in which the great challenge was to study it in Polish, I enrolled in a postgraduate course in interior design in Wrocław and I fell completely in love, so I decided to do a master’s degree in interior design to further expand my knowledge in the Academy of Fine Arts from which I graduated in October 2021 with my thesis project “The Floating house and its architecture studio on the Odra River”. Project that is currently under development and its completion is planned for early 2023.

Thanks to my great career and professional experience, I founded my company in May 2022, an interior design studio called Panta Rhei Architecture & Design.

Abraham Maldonado Founder Arquitect Panta Rhei Studio

Panta Rhei is

Abraham Maldonado arquitect at Panta Rhei Studio

Abraham Maldonado

Main architect

Lena Ivanova photographer

Lena Ivanova

Fernando Mena graphic designer

Fernando Mena

Graphic designer

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